Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry turned to familiar with me

Turn to junior high school graduation, we have no time to say goodbye and go their separate ways. Remember to be a weekend in 2002, Swarovski element jewelry write about me in the past with her meet with Yang crown crown. That is what I know they love so long, the first time they see them together, was actually this life only once.


We meet in an old house, it was built in the early 90s unit room. I pushed the door into the house there is a solid wood furniture distributed out of the taste, filled in the air, very good news. Yang Guanguan sitting in the window, playing guitar. The sun outside the window shining, the breeze blowing in, white and white curtains floating gently. Windowsill old recorders, is playing the song of Xu Wei.


Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry turned to familiar with me and then greeted, and then turned his head, eyes once again focused on the body of Yang Guan Guan, mouth light with a smile, and with the Yang Guanguan toggle the melody humming the song.


That is what I remember their love the most beautiful look. At that moment I thought that they would be old and old! Although that year, they are less than twenty.


But soon after, I heard that they fell out. I was stunned.


In 2008, I went to Tianjin to find Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry. Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry told me that she and Yang Guan Guan is the hand on the phone. Proposed to break up, Yang Guanguan life and death do not agree, then she simply do not pick up the message does not return. Yang Guan Guan can not find her people, almost crazy, send a message with her friends said she did not appear, let her wait to help him corpse it!


I heard the heart tremble. Who we are unpredictable, why have so love the two people, will be trouble to such a field!


In May 2016, Swarovski element jewelry and yang crown were appearing on my wedding. He took his wife and children, and she was alone. In the banquet together toast a moment, they are like old friends for many years, calm and calm, past earth-shattering with the years of precipitation has become pale and light. As if nothing had happened, those who love to die to live as if a dream, buried in the soil, burial into the graves of the years,


Perhaps through the time of drying, all the injuries have become a gentle protective cocoon, any who exposed, are no longer so fragile as young, easy to bleed.


Not love, is that we become more sophisticated and sleek, strong and independent.


In Tianjin, Swarovski element jewelry experienced another love. Family life and death do not agree with her to Tianjin, Tianjin, so far away from home, daughter married in the past, just as no. Can be Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry regardless of, resolutely ran over. She is always so, that the love, has always been through fire and water, which control what the mountains and rivers shake, earth shattering.


The boy has a nice name: Looks tall and handsome, speak a nice Mandarin in the north. Said to me, she was lust, never hard to resist the handsome guy, see the handsome guy like hungry wolf fluttering.