The first time encountered Fashion crystal , is in Bangkok in May the streets, it is yellow austrian fashion crystal jewelry in full bloom season, golden flowers hanging hanging, breeze blowing, swaying the wind, Like a red gold ocean.


The mother in Bangkok to run a bed and breakfast, and occasionally part-time to accompany, to receive tourists from  Swanvski fashion bracelets crystal jewelry, take them to go to Krabi west of Phang Nga Bay and North Kan Phi Kwai River Bridge.


That day my mother as usual to take out, the front desk to Malaysia from Mahathir to take care of. Back to school to see the door to see such a strange scene, Fashion crystal  standing in front of Mahathir doing a variety of gestures, "please  give me!"


Mahathir clearly could not understand the words of Chinese, spread out the hand that helpless. Fashion crystal  scratched his head, said to himself, "where the owner is not Chinese people? How to replace it?


"My mother went out to take the group, what needs, I can come to greet you." Swanvski fashion bracelets crystal jewelry rings appeared in the rescue, before that, the latter is going to take out travel English dialogue manual for inquiries.


In the Swarovski fashion jewelry under the guidance of Fashion crystal  began to fill in the table, his Chinese writing is very good to see, iron painted silver hook through the paper back.


Swearing, until Fashion crystal  put down the pen, handed the hand to her, had just soared to God.


She quickly hung his head, the data into the computer, trying to cover up the cheeks suspicious crimson.


"Are you a person to play?"




"Are you a student?"


"Ha? Why stay in the shop to ask so in detail, is doing a hukou investigation?" Fashion crystal jewelry  casually ridicule Road, looking at the blind face, people would like to tease her.


"No, because we have preferential measures, all holders of student card, you can discount."


"This is the case." Fashion crystal  handed his student card, "This preferential policy is very close to the gas."


Student photo on the photo and care of their own, keep the movement head, thick eyebrows big eyes, mouth smile is very sunny, and Bangkok in May the sun is phase contrast.


"So Swanvski fashion bracelets crystal jewelry  are Southeast University."


"Yes ah, if the little sister is free, you can go to Nanjing to play."


"I know that Nanjing, where is there a row of buildings on both sides of the streets?"


"You are talking about the Yihe Road, in fact, we have an old saying in Nanjing, an Yihe Road, half of the Republic of China history. Free time, you are welcome to play in Nanjing, I take you to Yihe Road, especially to In the spring to play, when the trees on both sides of the street lush, shade cover the sun, cool breeze so blowing, almost romantic.


" Swanvski fashion bracelets crystal jewelry know Yihe Road, before my grandparents lived there."