Late night, Swarovski element jewelry sent a message: Swarovski Necklaces jewelry,are you sleep?


I spread the quilt and were ready to lie down.


This time to information, what is happening what happened. I whispered in my heart.


Immediately back to the information in the past: not yet, how?


Swarovski lement jewelrey is my junior high school students the best. She is the kind of Austrian Crystal Rings suit, the wind coming and going, what is a fearless look. In her words today, is the body of a man lived - staunch man.


That time, she was riding a flying pigeon every day to go to school, old love to wear a white school uniform, a Qi Gen short hair, one appeared in the campus, will always cause large and small - people school is caused by a sensation, And she is usually caused by riots. Because she was very easy to play with Austrian Necklaces jewelry hot, eyes and sharp, riding a bike appeared on campus, only to see a familiar Austrian Necklaces jewelry, far from the call to say hello, loud times: Hey, X brother Early, wait for me!


Carrying a certain and her inseparable Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry, suddenly heard from a corner of the campus roaring past - faster back seat Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry glasses are almost down.


One night study, Swarovski element jewelry come and quietly said to me: hey, read the movie "love you love to kill you" it?


Before she finished, I grabbed the dialogue: read seen, I can like the inside of the Sammi Cheng.


Swarovski element jewelry excitedly: yeah yeah, cute and cute.


Me: the most funny is that the film she managed Huang Qiu Sheng called Swarovski Necklaces jewelry yeah.


Swarovski nobles!


Then she turned and went on to work.


I am stupidly stupid in the side, but there is no reason To  refuse a free and easy Austrian bracelets Crystal jewelry gives you such a great call. So in my junior high school career, I am inexplicably more than a Swarovski element jewelry, and proud


Swarovski element jewelry easily and Austrian Necklaces jewelry mixed familiar, such as me; and easily with Austrian Necklaces jewelry love, such as Yang crown crown.


Yang Guancheng is my table, but when they happen to love, I was no time to know, until heard from the mouth of other students, I know that in the emotional aspects of it is a post-knowing fool!


Classroom kapok open the window, replaced a spring and another spring. Like those pure and beautiful youth, but also like those in full bloom love.