They are known in college. That time, with him crazy wrapped around the countless girls, but only Swarovski element jewelry is willing to line up in the canteen every day for his Dafan. Hot weather, row of teams down often sweating, can be no regrets. So he was touched by her, that this Austrian Crystal Rings egg worth!


After graduation, she desperately with him from the south back to the distant north, like a strong migratory birds.


In Tianjin, they are determined to pursue their own love and career. I thought that this time, Swarovski element jewelry will stabilize, they will grow old together. When you leave Tianjin, Swarovski element jewelry told me that they are already preparing for the wedding.


But things are really hard to predict.


Soon, she sent a message to tell me that she was married. I asked: the groom is Wei music? She replied: no. I was so surprised that I was so calm. God knows she has gone through a kind of change!


From the Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry into the secular life of the husband, the groom is a man I have never met so far.


Years of mountains long water far, we each bustling. How many flash in the blink of an eye


Until that night before she sent a message to talk to me, I thought she was happy. Young dare to dare to love, for the love of moths to go to the fire; after marriage, wholeheartedly, I think, this woman, the total should be happy, at least, she should get that love belongs to her!


Until such a late night, she was calm water, not slow hurry from the end of the WeChat, one by one to knock down these words sent over. So calmly, as if to say someone else's story.


"My marriage, the name of the real death. He busy his work, I pay my friends, do not interfere with each other. After several negotiations, did not reach a consensus. Children are small, in order to give children a complete home, we are still Consumption, temporarily can not leave.


I am very surprised! For Austrian Crystal Rings jewelry, this is the end I never thought of. They usually write articles, say the truth is a set of a set, and at this moment, when found his best friend marriage hit the reef, even a consolation can not tell.


What is love in the end? Love the time, we all thought that this is the appearance of love, each other will always go on, never betray, life, the old days old, Haikushilan rotten. Until the unexpected change, derailment, betrayal, brutal appearance, it is unprepared.


The first second also love too hard to share, the next second can be forgotten in rivers and lakes. We always thought that their harvest is love, but far underestimated the ups and downs of human nature.


However, the injury suffered more, the next second when the advent of love, we will go through fire and water, duty-bound.