Fashion crystal  is a weirdo, all the way to Bangkok but not travel, every day to the patience of the terrace to run, occupy the terrace on the recliner, staring at the street austrian fashion crystal jewelry.


She can not keep up with the progress of teaching in the school, a few days to the final exam, so she returned to bed and breakfast every night, will be holding a textbook on the terrace to seriously recite, one to two, he and Fashion crystal  Also mixed with a face cooked.


For  Fashion austrian crystal bracelets jewelry white this strange act, she also had a curiosity, "Why are you tourists? Why come to Bangkok, do not see four Buddha, do not go to the night market, do not go to Hua Hin play. Are you special to Bed and sunbathing?


"In fact, I was waiting for people, and my English is not good, out of fear is not find the way back."....


So he is not a person ah? Who is he waiting for is a girlfriend? Or ... ... at first glance so that the heart suddenly burst into a sense of loss. Fashion crystal bracelets jewelry every day on the patio terrace, sitting alone, that back against the backdrop of Bangkok in the afterglow, reveals a lonely and sad.


While, in a sentimental manner, suddenly  Fashion crystal bracelets jewelry come over, a look of grin said, "Otherwise, you take me to visit it." After all, your guest's ad is not to say that will meet all the guests Request it! "


Just who is a look of sadness, how the twinkling of an eye becomes a big belly black wolf, brazes mouth heart fluttering.


In this way, Fashion austrian crystal bracelets jewelry opened the first tour with a small tour guide, she took care of take the Bangkok subway Su Kun Wei line, from the bed and breakfast where the Papeng station, has been taken to the Siam station.


Shui a few bends, and around a few laps, and finally came to the four Buddha before. Fashion crystal bracelets jewelry  a bunch of Thai aunt in the middle, bought a set of Buddha on the Buddha, devoutly wish. From afar, see Fashion crystal bracelets jewelry  mouth murmured, eyes closed, kneel stand up, seriously tell their own thoughts and thoughts....


Night, two people went to the night market. Polo ralph lauren pas cher, mango glutinous rice, green papaya salad, Thai fried powder, lap to eat down, the stomach has become round billions of dollars.


Just eat the last baked string when asked, "Hey, Fashion crystal bracelets jewelry. You in front of the Buddha promised what ah?"


Swarovski fashion crystal jewelry voice hardly ever, a burst of cool breeze came over, rolled up her forehead of the broken hair, but also sent a deep sigh.


"I was casually asked, you do not want to say even if the desire or buried in the heart, or not ineffective.".


The streets of the neon lights, Fashion crystal rings  leaning on the mailslot, mouth hooked the smile if there is no, a pair of stars, although the background behind the bustle of the night market, but won the seemingly infinite loneliness.


"Say it does not matter, anyway, all over the past for so long, I just pray that Pina can be happy."


Stupid, and so moment, Fashion austrian crystal bracelets jewelry is very envious of that woman called Li Pina, can be Gu Xin thinking in the heart.